Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Paula Yokoyama, President
Mary Huber, 1st VP - Programs, Website Manager & Newsletter Editor
Andrea Ryon, 2nd VP - Membership, Publicity, Volunteer Coordinator
Niki Coates, 3rd VP - Ways and Means & Recording Secretary
Judy Rees, 4th VP - 76th Central Committee Member, Campaign/Precinct, Voter Registration, Social Media
Jackie Peacock, Treasurer
Marlyn Milberger, Parliamentarian, Achievement Awards
Eugenia Whaley/Carolyn Wachter, Caring for America
Ann Welton, Meeting Planner & Reservations, Corresponding Secretary
Claudia Mazanec, Literacy
Tracy Carmichael, Crown Program (Carlsbad Republican Outreach Women' Network)
Dr. Melanie Burkholder, College Republicans, Americanism & Chaplain
Kris Sheffler, Special Projects Coordinator 

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