Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

CRWF Officers 2024-2026
President: Jen Belnap
1st VP of Programs: Judy Rees
2nd VP of Membership: Andrea Ryon
3rd VP Ways and Means: Maureen Simons
4th VP Election Integrity/Voter Reg: Judy OConnor
Recording Secretary: Lauren Penley
Corresponding Secretary: Jeordie Fellner
Treasurer: Jackie Peacock
Parliamentarian: Paula Yokoyama
Financial Review Officer: Anne Welton

Committee Chairs
Achievement Awards: Paula Yokoyama, Jackie Peacock
By-Laws Committee: Paula Yokoyama
Chaplain/Americanism: Laura Bassett
College and Young Republican/Scholariships: Darlene Fujimoto
Legislation: Teri House
Literacy/Caring for America: Kathy Osborne
Hospitality/Reservations/Special Events: Joy Noonan
Co-Chair Membership: Nancy White
Newsletter/Website: Mary Huber
Publicity: Andrea Ryon
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Action Items): Stephanie Griffin
Volunteer Coordinator: Terry Carpenter