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Upcoming Events

Volunteers Welcome!

For years, Carlsbad Republican Women Federated has been hosting and attending political events all over the greater San Diego area and beyond. These events are an excellent way to show your support for Carlsbad Republican Women Federated, learn about their values and initiatives, as well as connect with the local community. 


  • New Citizens Ceremony/Voter Registration Team Wednesday November 20th

  • CRWF Christmas Luncheon December 3rd


Join us !!!

For the 2019

Series of

"New Citizens Ceremonies"


Wednesday November 20, 2019

10:00 AM


San Diego County Voter Registration Team!


Prepare to have a fun time!

Everyone is invited to the Naturalization Ceremony at Golden Hall, Wednesday November 20th!  Register New Citizens to vote Republican!


Come at 10 am and look for the "RED" Republican Tents and be a part of the action as we are expecting the happy group to exit at about 10:45 am! We will be there offering our Congratulations and registering them as Republicans.


 Keep in mind, that the more volunteers we have, the more New American Republicans we register! Also, we are marching toward the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary and every vote counts. Join us this month and put next month on your calendar.


Note: Horton Plaza is closing, however the parking garage off of 4th Avenue is open. Last month I arrived at Horton Plaza Parking Garage before 9: 30 am & on the "Early Bird Special", stayed the day for $9. Arrive later and get the 1st Hour FREE & after, $2.00 every 15 minutes. Walk a short distance down 2nd Avenue and through the double glass doors. See the colorful Republican Tentslocated right "smack" on the San Diego Community Concourse, and across from the “other party”.